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Sunday, August 28, 2011

RainDrop Reflections

Well this past week went pretty smoothly..... YEAH for us.  We restarted our school year, and got a lot accomplished. We have been doing just 3 workboxes this week.  We will add another 3 this week and then 3 the next week and after that, more as we need them to get through all our assignments. We have done school mainly in the living room this week with the RainDrops going to get their items and bring them down to me.  We will head back upstairs to the school room this week.   

What we are learning: 
Snoopy has been working on telling time to the minute.
Boo is working on writing expanded forms up to hundred thousands.
Pooh Bear is doing word problems with time elements in them.

What chore we accomplished:
I was able to get the dining room pretty well organized so I can have a scrapbook/sewing room.  Which means I got to work on some sewing and scrapbook pages! 

Megan's Week:
"Megan" finally had her appointment with her counselor to get her schedule for school on Friday.  She started school after her appointment.  Then stayed after school with the band and saw her first American Football game!  She had a good day and enjoyed the game, but was so very tired at the end of the day.

Megan has homecoming in just 2 weeks so we will be heading out to find a dress for the dance next weekend and all the makings for her mum.

Oh and one more thing, She has never had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  She tried one for the first time this week.  LOVED IT!!!!!

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Cara said...

Thanks for the comment on my PE post, you brought up one of the original reasons I wrote the stinkin' post! Except that I forgot to include it. *sigh*

Thanks also for the suggestion of using Wii for exercise. :)