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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Change in Our Lives

Eighteen years ago I met the most amazing man in the world. We went on our first date and ended up talking all night.  During that long talk he ask me to marry him.  I was floored when without thinking I said "Yes."  Really and truly I did not believe him until we went 4 days later to pick out the engagement ring.  Two months two days later we were married. 

During that time in my life I had fallen away from the beliefs I was raised with.  I made choices that did not fit with my Divine Nature.  Rather than admit that I knew my choices were wrong I turned my back on my beliefs.  When I met The Man of the House I began to understand that I did still have a Divine Nature, and Individual Worth. 
I ask The Man of the House to take the Missionary Lessons to understand the beliefs that I was raised with and how my family believed and worshiped.  He gladly took the Missionary Lessons.  After taking the lessons he told me that he had great respect for my family and the LDS Church but that they were not his beliefs.  He was the head of my household and as such I knew I needed to follow his lead. 

Thus, we began to attend the Baptist church.  Through the years I have learned so much and met people that have grown to love and admire in the churches we attended.  We became active in the churches and I took on many responsibilities.  I have been a Mothers Day Out teacher, Vacation Bible School Director, Women's Ministry leader.  I have learned more about my own beliefs through growing and learning.

However I still felt I had gone from depending my parents testimony to that of my husband, not really having my own.  When Pooh Bear was about three years old I realized that I could not teach my own children to have faith in anything if I did not have my own solid testimony.   

The Man of the House and I discussed this and he whole heartedly supported me in my search and where it led me.  My heart was lead back to my beliefs, The Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints, that I was brought up with.  I attended Sacrement meeting again on a semi regular basis again.  It was somewhat like coming home, being the prodical son. 

After awhile I began to notice that if we did not attend church as a family were not attending regularly.  So with that I decided that we needed to stay with the denomination my husband led us to.  We did this for several more years.  I kept up with General Conference and Church news but did not attend Sacrement meeting or Releif Society.  I enjoyed my visits from my Visiting and Home Teachers.  My parents kept me abreast of things as well. 

I taught my children about the Bible and where I could put in the Gospel Principles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints.  But as far as discussing the specifics of my beliefs I respected my husbands choices for our family.

The Man of the House has been adiment that when the children were old enough to question they were old enough to find their own beleifs.  He firmly believes that each child must find their way to Heavenly Father. 

Over the last few months as I have dealt with health issues, I have ask for several blessings.  From a Father's Blessing to a Priesthood Blessing.  All of the children were able to witness these blessings and are old enough to begin to understand that this is different from what they have grown up with. Pooh Bear began to really question and wanting to understand why Mom's beliefs are different from Dad's. 

We discussed the simple differences of the Trinity versus the separateness of each Being.  The restoration of the Fullness of the Gospel by Joseph Smith, and the retrieval of the Golden Plates from Laban by Nephi.  As we talked she kept asking questions and wanted more and more in depth information.  I suggested she take the Missionary Lessons. 

We called the Missionaries, and she started the lessons.  Took it all in and ask questions upon questions. 
She followed through on their challenges, she began to read the Book of Mormon, and began to pray for guidance.  Pooh Bear took the whole process very seriously and began to question her beliefs.

 As happy as The Man of the House and I were to see this process there were those in the extended family that have been less than thrilled.  Pooh Bear took their concerns and prayerfully considered. 

Her decsion has been made.  After I came from the hospital this weekend, Pooh went to church with my Visititing Teacher.  She went to talk with the Bishop all by herself, she asked to be baptised!!!!!!!! She is ready to change her life.


Rebecca said...

WoW! That's amazing! I have a similar issue, except I won't go anywhere else so instead I just attend very irregularly because I often go alone.

Corrie said...

That is so incredible. Very very sweet. Happy Thanksgiving.