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Sunday, August 21, 2011

RainDrop Reflections

The past week as seemed to fly by.  With all else that has gone on in the past month and a half my health is getting better, with only one rather small hick-up.  My lovely little RainDrops clean up a spill in the kitchen without being told... (YEAH RainDrops.)    The even mopped the floor all around the area and got all the sticky off the floor.....However no one told me.  In I walk and down on my BUTT I go!  I went to get an w-ray on my wrist we thought I had broken my wrist.  Tunred out it was a sever sprian and bone bruise.  I am still having issues with my pinky finger and will discuss that when I see my regular doctor tomorrow, about my blood pressure and heart.  But all in all I am felling pretty good and read to get back to the normal routine. 

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