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Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Perfect Day

Of course there is no such thing as a perfect day, or "Super Mom" for that matter, however we do try. Here is what we strive for our schedule to be.

7:30-- Daddy leaves
8:30-- Mommy and the kids get up.
Mommy and kids get dressed.
Mommy starts a load of laundry and kids eat breakfast.
Everyone picks up living room and kitchen.
Mommy gets her coffee and sits down for bible study.
Kids finish any morning chores.
9:15-- Mommy heads up stairs to the school room to get lessons put out
9:30-- Kids are ready to start Bible Study.
10:00-- Math time
When they get started Mommy changes laundry and puts family items
11:00-- Spelling/ Handwriting
12:00-- Reading
1:00-- Or when reading is done is lunch/ free time
Switch Laundry and put away family items away
1:30-- History/Geography
2:00-- Language Arts
2:30-- Science.
3:00-- Clean up School Room. If we have put things away as we finish this is easy peasy.
3:10-- Afternoon Chores

There are some days that this is all done by 1:00 and some days we are still at it at 4:00. But most days we are done by 2:30. The RainDrops are then sent outside to play. We try to have them stay out and run, play, ride bikes,etc. for at least an hour.

At this point mommy grades papers and prepares anything for tomorrow.
Laundry is once again checked and folded or hung up. Each child has a basket as mommy folds cloths she puts it in that child's basket.

5:45-- Children are to come in and start evening chores, including putting away any laundry that was done that day.
Mommy and dinner helper start dinner.
6:30-- Dinner
7:00-- Mommy and after dinner helper clean the kitchen
Others start baths
Finish evening chores
Daddy helps with any questions from the days school work that mommy had a hard time answering.
8:30-- Bed time for the RainDrops
9:30-- Mommy starts evening routine
10:00-- Bedtime for Mommy
Sometimes Daddy makes it to bed by 10:00 too but most nights he is a night owl.