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Our Family

I am hoping to start adding new readers to my blog. Maybe some who do not know us personally. So I thought I should take a few minutes and tell you who we are.

The RainDrop family was established in 1993.

First off I am Croppermom. I am a wife, mother, sister, aunt, friend, Girl Scout leader, my kids teacher, and most of all a daughter of my Heavenly Father. When we are not doing school work, Girl Scouts, doctor's appointments, or running teenagers to their events, I love to read. I have not had an opportunity, or time in a GREAT while to scrapbook, but I love to take pictures for the future when I do have time again.

My knight in shining armor and the love of my life is known as the Man of the House. He is a wonderful provider and an awesome Dad. He is the IT director for a concrete construction company. He loves to read and play on the computer.

Our little RainDrops are growing in stature and in number.

Pooh Bear or Bit as her daddy calls her is 13, going on 30, as the the old adage goes. She loves to read, and science is her favorite subject, along with art and art appreciation. She is looking forward to taking classes on baby sitting and first aid.

Boo is 10 and a real tom boy at heart. She loves monkeys and despises pink. She loves to draw, and paint, even on things that are going to get her in trouble. She believes she can improve anything with paint.

Snoopy is 8 and pure boy! He is loud and rough. He is a mom's boy at heart though. He is turning in to his dad's mini me. He loves to play computers and has his daddy's ease at school subjects. School seems to come easy to him.

Our number are growing as we are a host family with Pacific Intercultural Exchange. Yes even homeschooolers can host students.