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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Chicken tomorrow

As you all know Aaron is severly to profondly deaf, the following story is told with his signing verbage. That is part of what makes it so dang cute.

Saturday we like so many others around the world colored Easter eggs. On Sunday we had a wonderful Easter with family. Sunday night when the girls were sent to bed and Stephen and I were attempting to get Aaron going in the same direction, he brought us one of the colored eggs. Very carefully cradleing the egg.
"chicken tomorrow"
"Chicken, where is the chicken" was our response
"chicken tomorrow"
"Baby there is not a chicken in that egg"
"yes chicken in egg. come out tomorrow"
"Sweetheart there is not a chicken in thas egg. Remember mommy put it in HOT water and then we put them in the colored water to make them pretty"
"listen" he said putting it up to our ears while he made some sound that I guess was to be the chick clucking.
"Um baby, there is not chicken in that egg"
The same basic conversation went on for several minutes finally Stephen took the egg from him. He told me " I don't know of another way to show him there is not a chicken in there." He then clapped his hands togather and that was it smushed egg. Aaron looked shocked, picked through the egg for a second, and then laughed and said
"daddy smushed the egg" remember this is all signed.

We think it came from his sisters but are not quite sure. But is was a cute memory we have to share for many years to me