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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

RaindDrop Reflections

You may have noticed that I have not posted this past week.  Well that is a LONG story.  

A week ago this past Saturday I had some stomach pain.  I thought I had an ovarian cyst and went to the ER.  Nope that was not it they thought it was on my colon.  Sent me home with some pain medicine and something stop stomach cramps.  I was sure to tell the whole hospital what medicines I was allergic to, we told the pharmacist (my pharmacy is not open at 3am when they let me out of the hospital, so we wen to a major pharmacy that was open all night.)   I was back home and on the medicine for just 36 hours.  Ms T was calling 911.  I was having a MAJOR allergic reaction to a sulpha drug.  I had no idea that it was a sulpha drug.  I am not that up on all the drugs that doctors can give and what they are made of, I am a homeschool mom.  But as I said I told them what I was allergic to, they should have known.  I was on my way back to the emergency room.  I really HATE riding backwards I always get car sick that way.  But oh well no other way to ride in an ambulance.  I need to get help I was in pretty bad shape.  They took me back to the same hospital!  They kept me overnight for observation, I left the next morning because they scared me to death.  Did not want to give them another chance, sorry but they could have killed me!

The stomach pain worked itself out and I was felling much better. Thursday the carpet got replaced in Boo's bedroom and we got furniture got moved around to set up for our new Kids From Around the World to arrive in August.  

Friday we started to make our plans for the 4th of July celebrations and went to buy a few fireworks to set off ourselves. The Man of the House and I watched a movie that evening after doing a few sparklers with the kids that were at home.

I was woken up with trouble breathing and chest pain about 30 minutes after going to bed.  But I tried to ignore and and it eventually went away.  I woke up Saturday morning and felt fine for about the first half hour I was up.  Then it started all over again.  This time I did tell The Man of the House.  He suggested instead of paying for an emergency room visit we try just the local urgent care place.  I grabbed Pooh Bear and headed out.  My chest was hurting a lot but I got there.  Pooh telling me on the way there "we need TWO plans mom," to which I responded "NO. We will be fine."

When we go there I was taken straight back.  They did an EKG and called 911.  I guess we needed 2 plans.  My Pooh Bear was so grown up about it.  She called her Daddy and the Grandparents and told them where we were going.  She of course could not stay behind so she got to ride in the ambulance up front.  When we got to the hospital she made sure they knew my name, birth date, and all my allergies.  All I had to do was lay there and be pitiful.  

They admitted me with a possible heart attack.  I was given several drugs in case it was a heart attack to protect the heart.   Of course it was the holiday weekend so the stress test lab was closed for the Fourth.  The doctor wanted a stress test and observation to make sure whether it was a heart attack or not.  If not what was causing it, so I had to wait for Tuesday.  So there I sat from Saturday to Monday.  

There I sat Saturday night all of a sudden I felt like crap.  The medicine that was supposed to protect my heart.... STOPPED it!  For 6 seconds I had no heart beat.  Then for about half an hour my heart struggled to get its rhythm.  Now they needed to see if it was the actual plumbing, or the electrical system.  

So this morning, Tuesday, I had the stress test to see if there was a piping issue and that was clear YEAH!!!!  Then I was transferred to a different hospital that would do to the testing on the electrical function heart.  If the test came back the the little STOPPING action could happen again, which would need a pacemaker.  Not a fun test but at least they knocked my out.  

After 2 weeks of not feeling well.  Four days of which were consecutive with a HUGE heart scare.  LOTS of prayers by me, my husband, my children, my family, my friends, and friends of family and friends.  My heart is FINE!  There will be a need at some point down the road for a pacemaker.  I now know I have left bundle branch block.  We need to be very careful for new on but I will be fine.  We are praying that the pace maker will be at 79 and not 39.