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Friday, June 11, 2010

Sweet Girl

My allergies and asthma have been acting up fierce, they have not done this in YEARS. And just when I think I was getting over it they started up again. Ashlyn has taken such wonderful care of me over the past several days. Today as my eyes are swelling and my chest is wheezing our Daddy called and said he would bring home dinner (thank you!) Ashlyn brought me a sandwich just before he he came in.
I told her "Daddy is bringing me a salad, but thank you though"
Ashlyn "no you need to eat the just a peanut butter sandwich "
Me "why"
Ashlyn "your sick"
Me "but I am not throwing up"
Ashlyn " but you might"
Me "no sweetie it is allergies not a stomach thing"
Ashlyn " Well if you throw up don't complain to me"

She loves her mommy.