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About Me

I am a thirty-something wife and mother.  My three Raindrops and my husband are my life.  We learn and live everyday as a family.  I married The Man of the House over 17 years ago.

In that time I have been mother to 10 children, granted not all at one time.  Being a foster parent, we loved each child unconditionally for the time we had them.  I still love them all and wonder where they are now and what their lives have become.   I thank my Father in Heaven for blessing our family with each little life.

Now we are a host family for foreign exchange students.  They come to this country to experience life as an American teen.  Once again we love and then give back these precious spirits from Heavenly Father.  I am experiencing the life of high school all over again.  It is fun to see, but I am glad my 3 RainDrops are not in public school.